The Walking Dead‘ season 5 has taken us all across the map in its first 7 episodes, but after Carol and Daryl’s big city adventures, and Abraham’s wild and wacky ride to D.C., the focus finally returns to those left at the church after the big cannibal cookout. See Carl dropping some wisdom on Father Gabriel in our first clip from the penultimate ‘Walking Dead’ episode of 2014, “Crossed”!

Our first clip from next week’s installment sees Gabriel furiously attempting to clean up the blood left by the massacre of Gareth‘s gang, only for Carl to remind the naive preacher that he’ll need to learn to handle a weapon to survive in this world. We don’t yet know if Gabriel will join the group full-time, or what Abraham and his will do with the knowledge that the mission to D.C. was a sham, but will Father Gabriel take up arms in the meantime?

From AMC’s official synopsis of next week’s “Crossed”:

Some members hold down the church while the others are on a rescue mission.

Helpful as always, guys! What do you think? Will Daryl manage to get help to rescue Beth and Carol from the city? What crazy shenanigans will Carl and his judgmental preacher friend get up to in holding down the fort? Check out the sneak peek of next week’s “Crossed” above, watch Carl Poppa drop the flow below, and give us your predictions in the comments!