Last night's all-new 'Walking Dead' installment "Still" understandably divided fans interested in following Daryl and Beth's quest for hooch, but all indications are that next Sunday's "Alone" will prove a horrific turning point for the latter half of the fourth season. Check out our first look at the new episode, adding deadly fog to compound Maggie, Bob and Sasha's latest battle against the walkers!

While we don't yet know what became of Maggie and her two prison compatriots after finishing off the Woodbury bus, our first sneak peek of next week's "Alone" sees the trio caught in an unfortunate fog that obscures their vision of oncoming walkers, forcing each to go back to back to survive the onslaught. The promo for next week's episode also saw Daryl and Beth in the mix once again, so might "Alone" bring us our first major body count of 2014?

Here's what AMC had to say of next Sunday's non-Oscar competing "Alone":

One group discovers shelter; a group realizes the truth about protection.

Descriptive as ever, we'd be hard-pressed to assume which, if either of the two groups discovers any kind of sanctuary next week. We'd like to think Daryl and Beth's ordeal this past episode would entitle them to some goodwill next week, but then again, Beth went ahead and committed the cardinal sin of presuming Daryl would be the last man standing. Suffice to say, somewhere, Joss Whedon's murder-sense is a-tinglin'.

What do you think? Will our first major casualty of 2014 come from Maggie, Bob or Sasha in next Sunday's "Alone," or will Daryl and Beth suffer the first loss? Check out a sneak peek of the latest 'Walking Dead' above, and give us your predictions in the comments!