The Walking Dead’ season 4 shambles out its third entry with Sunday’s “Isolation,” but how does it hold up to the comic book continuity? Disease continues to ravage the prison, while Daryl and the others encounter a deadly mass of walkers on a mission for supplies, and Rick makes a shocking discovery about Karen’s killer, so what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the fourth season continues?

As AMC’s incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check it all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 episode 3 “Isolation” in the comments below!

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    Rick vs. Tyreese

    AMC: After showing Rick, Carol and Daryl the bodies of Karen and David, Tyreese quickly grows impatient with Rick and Daryl’s efforts to calm his rage. Tyreese shoves Daryl against a wall, though Daryl makes no attempt to fight back, and Rick’s suggestion that Karen wouldn’t want to see Tyreese like this sends him over the edge, hitting Rick with a right hook. Rick fights back, losing himself a bit as well, before Daryl pulls him off.

    THE COMICS: Rick and Tyreese came to blows when Carol had slit her wrists, and Rick discovered Tyreese and Michonne together shortly thereafter. There, Rick clearly goaded Tyreese into the fight, as the pair argued about several other past instances of violence, brawling until exhaustion overtook them on the cell block floor.

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    Rick's Ominous Injury

    AMC: Tying back to set report speculations from months earlier, Rick injures his hand from the fight with Tyreese, for which Hershel wraps up the injury and jokingly suggest Rick won’t be able to do much typing for the foreseeable future.

    THE COMICS: Rick actually sustained the hand injury much earlier than his fight with Tyreese, bloodying his right hand raw in beating the prison inmate Thomas, who had been revealed as the malevolent killer behind the murder of Hershel’s twin girls (an event echoed by AMC’s Karen and David). Here, Dale was the one to patch up Rick’s injury, though its severity prevented Rick from regaining full functionality in his hand even after removing the bandages. Not that it mattered for much longer…

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    Tyreese's Anger Issues

    AMC: Apart from lashing out at Rick and Daryl, Tyreese continued to carry his rage over Karen’s death through later conversations with Bob, the later resolution with Rick, and even outside the isolation ward as Tyreese stood guard to make sure no one attacked the sick survivors. Later, Tyreese seems to suffer a telling moment of hesitation in fighting for his own life.

    THE COMICS: Tyreese grieved heavily for the loss of his daughter Julie, venting his horrible anger in killing Julie’s boyfriend Chris for his role in their botched suicide pact, killing the boy once more as a walker. Afterward however, Tyreese seemed relieved that his daughter wouldn’t suffer anymore, though he similarly lost his composure in a later attack. By the time Thomas was outed as the murderer of Hershel’s daughters, Tyreese returned to being one of the more level-headed members of the group, rationally pondering how to handle the killer among them.

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    Tyreese and Carol

    AMC: One of the few occasions in which the characters have ever been seen to interact, Tyreese makes a point of asking Carol to look in on his sister Sasha during his time on the supply mission, given how visibly Carol took care of all the other survivors. The gesture reduces Carol to angry tears, though we wouldn’t find out why until a bit later…

    THE COMICS: Though the AMC timelines have wildly diverged by this point, comic Carol and Tyreese first hooked up when Tyreese and his companions joined Rick’s group prior to arriving at Hershel’s farms. The pair remained together until Tyreese cheated with Michonne, similarly sending her a bit off the deep end, albeit for different reasons.

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    Beware the Herd

    AMC: Distracted by a faint voice on the radio, Daryl accidentally drives into the math of a massive 7500-walker herd, finding himself unable to back out for the sheer number of corpses under the wheels. The four are forced to abandon the car and flee into the woods, though we likely haven’t seen the last of the massive undead horde just yet.

    THE COMICS: Rick, Carl, Abraham and Morgan were the first to encounter a proper herd in the books, having retrieved Morgan during a supply run after the fall of the prison. There, the car similarly became of little use from all the corpses surrounding it, forcing the group to flee on foot. The foursome managed to buy a bit of time by stopping in a house to activate any noisy, distracting devices, though the herd soon after caught up to the main convoy and forced another hasty escape. Eugene in particular explained the inherent danger of walker herds, in that the slightest accidental gesture from one walker could soon influence the entire mass to the same purpose.

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    Tyreese Goes Down Swingin'

    AMC: Still stricken with grief, Tyreese hesitates to escape the besieged car with the others, ultimately emerging to swing his hammer wildly at every walker in sight. Bob and the others are forced to flee when Tyreese is apparently overtaken by the crowd, though Tyreese catches up shortly thereafter, bloodied and exhausted, but apparently unharmed.

    THE COMICS: Tyreese similarly charged into a pack of walkers during a mission to clear out the prison’s athletic facilities, stricken with grief for the loss of his daughter, forcing Glenn, Andrea and Hershel’s son Billy to abandon him to his fate. A short while later however, Rick reentered the gym to find that Tyreese was alive and well, having taken down all the walkers without sustaining a single bite, and awaiting rescue. AMC also paid homage to the moment in season 3’s “Hounded,” when Daryl was surprised to find Carol alive and in hiding, following her own apparent demise.

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    That Crazy Murderous Carol

    AMC: Rick pieces together from the incredible lengths Carol goes to for the good of the group, that Carol was in fact the one to kill Karen and David, hoping to contain the infection then and there, rather than allow it to spread to anyone else. Rick asks Carol point blank if she did the deed, to which she quickly admits her guilt, and carries on.

    THE COMICS: Given that AMC’s Carol has wildly diverged from the comics to become a much stronger, more driven figure, troubling behavior seems inherent to either case. Not only did Carol make an awkward pass at Lori during her grief over Hershel’s daughters (and seemingly Tyreese)’s death, Carol made an attempt on her own life after catching Tyreese cheating with Tyrone. From there, things only got worse as Carol made a pass at Rick for defending her with Tyreese, suggested she, Rick and Lori have a three-way marriage, and finally succeeded in an especially gruesome, and deliberate suicide effort. Have fun, AMC!