At long last, our wildest dreams have come true and 'The Walking Dead' has finally returned! Season 3 return episode "The Suicide King" may have been packed with zombie-killing goodness and plenty of comic-to-TV comparisons to mull over, but what happens next? Will Daryl and Merle be able to survive out on their own, even after taking on the whole of Woodbury? Is the reunion between brothers a happy one? Find out with a sneak peek of next week's all-new 'Walking Dead' episode "Home" inside!

After two and a half seasons, the Dixon brothers Daryl and Merle have finally reunited in real life, without an entire mob of townspeople clamoring for their blood. Yet despite Daryl's heart-breaking decision to make his own way with Merle rather than continue on with Rick's group in 'The Walking Dead' mid-season premiere "The Suicide King," will the brothers be able to make it on their own?

AMC has released a new clip from next Sunday's all-new 'Walking Dead' episode "Home," as Daryl and Merle try to make their way outside the comforts of either the prison or Woodbury, with Daryl clearly none-too-thrilled by the prospect. Will Daryl be able to change his brother's mind about returning to the prison? Would Rick, crazy as he's become, even accept them if they did?

Check out a scene from next Sunday's 'Walking Dead' episode "Home" below, and tell us what you think Daryl and Merle will decide in the comments!