Whether by coincidence or team effort, 'The Walking Dead' is the latest high-profile genre drama today to get an honest skewering, after 'Game of Thrones'. Following up on their 'Breaking Bad' dissection, The good folks at Screen Junkies have given 'The Walking Dead' an "Honest Trailer" to follow the acclaimed AMC drama's fourth-season debut, hitting the nail on the head both literally and figuratively. Major spoilers ahead!

The epic five-minute parody trailer crosses off just about every item on the list of 'Walking Dead' complaints, even touching on the popular internet threads about the Governor (David Morrissey)'s similarity to 'Toy Story 3's Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Rick's infamous "stuff and things," and ugly crying. Not to mention, who knew Shane (Jon Bernthal) rubbed his own head so much?

Of course, even with its oft-criticized second season, inconsistent characterization, and arguably annoying female characters, 'The Walking Dead' continues laughing all the way to the bank with its 16.1 million-viewer debut this past Sunday, numbers sure to be matched, if not exceeded by the season to come. Say what you will about its decay, but 'The Walking Dead' is at least endlessly ripe for parody.

Check out the full five-minute Honest Trailer for 'The Walking Dead' above, and tell us if you agree with the points in our comments!