Last night's latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 installment "Indifference" put the group down a member, though not quite as permanently as the virus still wreaking havoc across the Atlanta landscape. Next Sunday's "Internment" will return to the prison as Hershel attempts to save those still succumbing to the illness, but who's at death's door in the first sneak peek from the episode?

Look out, Dr. S! Though Hershel seems a bit worse for wear himself, it seems from the first clip of "Internment" that Caleb may have become the next to fall from the mysterious virus. There's always the chance that Daryl and his group could return with the needed medicine in time, but once the blood starts pouring from the eyes, Hershel would do best to step out and close the cell door behind him.

Of course, that isn't the only blood we expect shed by the end of the hour, considering Rick will no doubt have to answer for his decision to banish Carol from the group for her misdeeds, something we imagine Daryl and Lizzie will be none-too-happy about upon their return. Besides, who's to say that Tyreese might not have spared Carol, even if he learned the truth of Karen's death?

Check out the latest sneak peek from next week's all-new 'Walking Dead' installment "Interment," and don't forget to tell us in the comments what you thought of this week's "Indifference!"