The board is set, and the pieces are moving, with nothing left for 'The Walking Dead's first half of the season but an epic battle between Woodbury and Rick's group, right? Last night's "When the Dead Come Knocking" brought us to all but the moment of contact, as Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar plot their next move from outside Woodbury, while the Governor plots to take the prison, but what happens next? Will Andrea or Michonne switch sides? Watch the latest clips from mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" to find out!

Between Michonne's introduction to the prison, a topless Maggie, and an oblivious hermit, 'The Walking Dead' covered quite a bit of ground in last night's "When the Dead Come Knocking." Still, with next week's mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" marking the midpoint of season 3 and an end to 2012, will the blood finally hit the fan? It's all about the family, as evidenced by the latest clips from next week's episode.

Andrea still lives in her Woodbury fantasy, examining the Governor's old photos of his family, while Michonne happens upon his daughter Penny in real life, not realizing her to be a walker child! Come on Michonne, we thought you knew better than that.

Take a look at 'The Walking Dead' mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" in the clips below, and give us your predictions in the comments!