The Walking Dead’ season 3 brings to life its eleventh episode of the season “I Ain't A Judas,” as Rick and the group debate their next move following the Governor's attack, while Andrea observes Woodbury's new police state and pleads with the Governor to allow her to visit the prison and negotiate a truce.

Last week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ episode “Home” saw Rick struggling to recover his faculties before the Governor launched a retaliation assault on the prison, and Andrea found her loyalties called into question, so what will the latest episode bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 11, “I Ain't A Judas!”

Debating the group’s next move, Rick refuses to leave the prison in spite of Hershel’s concerns, while the group remains on edge over Merle’s presence. Hershel acknowledges that Rick has had a difficult time of late, but needs to keep together for the group’s sake. Rick walks out to observe the prison’s surroundings, catching a hint of a figure moving in the trees, before Carl appears and urges his father to step down as leader.

The Governor and Milton debate the handful of capable soldiers within the town, including adolescents that bring their numbers to 35 total, before Andrea arrives asking about the apparent attack on the prison. Andrea offers to visit the prison, perhaps work toward a peace but the Governor warns her to stay with her former friends if she joins them against his will.

As Andrea observes children being taken for training, back at the prison Glenn voices his concerns about Merle and the prison’s dwindling supplies. Rather than sign off on the possibility of trading Merle to the Governor however, Hershel sits with the man and bonds over amputations and bible quotes, while Merle cautions the Governor will kill everyone at the prison, saving Rick for last. Upstairs, Carol cautions Daryl about letting his brother weigh too heavily on his mind.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor overlooks his pithy new force, while Andrea comes to Milton with a proposition. She asks that he help her sneak out from the walls to visit the prison and end the conflict, though Milton would rather not be in a position to lie about his actions. Reluctantly, he agrees to help, but afterward informs the Governor of Andrea’s intentions, right as the leader tries on his iconic eye-patch for the first time. The Governor advises Milton to assist Andrea in her plans, albeit secretly.

Out in the wilderness, Andrea and Milton wrestle a stray walker to the ground, severing his arms and  curb-stomping its teeth, as Tyreese and his group arrive to slay a few more passing undead. Opting not to explain her business with the walker, Andrea admits to the group that they have a walled community that could house Tyreese and his people, and Milton volunteers to lead them to Woodbury rather than continue on with Andrea.

Back at the prison, Merle does his best to smooth things over with Michonne as she exercises, while outside Carl and Maggie spot Andrea on approach, leading her walker through the horde. The group spills out and holds Andrea at gunpoint, violently frisking her and making sure she’s alone. Andrea warmly greets Carol, but quickly learns the fates of Shane, Lori and T-Dog, and finds herself surprised by Rick’s cold behavior. Uncertain why the group is treating her so harshly, Andrea learns that it was the Governor who shot first in the conflict, and no peace between the groups is likely possible.

Outside, Michonne accuses Andrea of being under the Governor’s spell, the very thing she returned to Woodbury to expose. Andrea fires back that she only wants Woodbury and the prison to co-exist, but Michonne reveals that the Governor sent Merle after her once she left the town, and would have had Andrea killed as well.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor shows Tyreese and his group the usual hospitality, but stops cold when he realizes that they had been inside the prison and encountered Rick as well. Allen and Ben profess their willingness to join the conflict with Rick, while Tyreese offers up what little he can about the facility’s layout, but the Governor urges them to sleep on the matter before making any decisions about whether or not to stay.

Carol allows Andrea to hold baby Judith, explaining Lori’s death and Shane’s actions toward the end that led to his own demise, and offering a bit of advice to the woman. Carols presses that Andrea should return to Woodbury and show the Governor the night of his life, only to kill him in his sleep and finally end the conflict. Later, Rick provides a car to Andrea for her return, and gives back her gun, wishing her well on the way back.

Later that night, Andrea returns through the main gate and visits the Governor in his apartment, still hoping to end the conflict, admitting that she belongs in Woodbury regardless. Back at the prison, Beth sings for the entertainment of the group, while Rick, Hershel and Daryl worry about what to do next. Rick volunteers to take Michonne and Carl on a supply run, leaving Daryl behind to keep the peace between Merle and the others.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea wakes in the night and takes a knife to the Governor sleeping beside her, ultimately deciding not to go through with it, and gazing pensively out the window.

Most 'Walking Dead' fans agreed that last week's "Home" represented a step up from the mid-season premiere "The Suicide King," including more action to benefit the dialogue-heavy scenes. And while "I Ain't A Judas" dials back the action in favor of further drama, stretching logic more than a few times with regard to Andrea's loyalties, the dramatic scenes carry a bit more weight this time around. For the first time in the season, all major characters have had their reunions and most secrets have been exposed, diminishing the more frustrating aspects of the season to date. A particular highlight of the episode comes in its musical ending, which provides a rare moment of peace to remind viewers why they root for Rick and his, considering some of the Governor's concerns aren't entirely off-base.

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