After last night's traumatic 'The Walking Dead' season 3 episode, we know of relatively few ways to recover from such heartbreaking losses. We'll have a solid week to conquer our grief in time for next Sunday's all-new episode "Say the Word," but we figure the best way to move away from sadness is to watch some serious action! And who better to deliver than the sword-swinging Michonne, in the latest clip from an all-new 'The Walking Dead'?

Andrea, the Governor and Michonne didn't have tremendous roles to play in last night's 'The Walking Dead' episode (and thank goodness considering all the carnage that took place), but the longer time spent in Woodbury is the closer Michonne comes to retrieving her katana and making heads roll! The latest clip from next Sunday's "Say the Word" highlights a tense confrontation between Michonne and the Woodbury leader, which may or may not end in some serious bloodshed.

The previous clip we saw from the episode dealt with Glenn and the prison inmates Oscar and Axel in the aftermath of this week's climactic deaths, but who will steal more focus? Will Rick go on a rampage to avenge the loss of his wife? Will Michonne finally bust out of her icy-cold stare to tear the Governor a new one?

Check out the latest 'Walking Dead' clip below, and give us your predictions in the comments!