Earlier today we showed you a new preview clip from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 mid-season premiere "The Suicide King" that took us inside the prison to preview the questions that arrive from Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his group suddenly entering the prison. But what of things back in Woodbury? Even as Daryl and Merle find themselves in a compromising position, will the town itself be in even more danger going forward? Check out the new 'Walking Dead' season 3 photos and scoop from Glen Mazzara inside!

Love or hate 'The Walking Dead's' Andrea (Laurie Holden), the character has some major questions to ask when the show returns this Sunday with "The Suicide King." Now that her friend Daryl has been captured and placed into the Woodbury arena, will her loyalty stay with the town? Can she deny the threat her former friends pose, after shooting up the people that took her in?

TVLine obtained a number of new photos from Sunday's all-new episode that shows Andrea will have to step up to the plate to pacify the town, after Rick's invasion leaves everyone more than a little rattled. The events seem to take place after Daryl and Merle's placement in the Woodbury arena, so are we to assume the worst of the Dixon brothers?

Not only that, current showrunner Glen Mazzara spoke to Entertainment Weekly of the back half of the season, previewing even more conflict to come, and another major comic character to appear in the latter eight episodes of the season:

Our comic book fans will still be excited and delighted to see how the story unfolds and how we tell the story. We do have a lot of new surprising material. There’s still a major character to appear in the back half, which is very exciting. As always we take the comic book as inspiration and tell our own story. I’m happy to say the exciting pace and the chances we take with the storytelling and the twists and turns that people enjoyed so much in the first half are all still there in the second half. It’s one connected, fluid season — we just took a little break with for the holidays.

Who do you think will next appear on 'The Walking Dead' when the second half of the season premieres this Sunday? And will Andrea choose Woodbury over Rick's group, judging by the new photos? Check out a fresh look at 'The Walking Dead' season 3.5 in the photos below (including executive producer/FX guru Greg Nicotero as a walker), and give us your predictions in the comments!