The Walking Dead’ season 3 shambles out its fourteenth entry with Sunday’s “Prey,” but how does it hold up to the comic book continuity?  The conflict between Woodbury and the prison sits on the back-burner as Andrea makes a desperate escape attempt from Woodbury and the Governor, while Tyreese does his best to keep things calm, so what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the season continues?

As AMC's incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we've compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC's ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check it all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 14 “Prey" in the comments below!

  • 1

    Stone Cold Michonne

    AMC: The story briefly flashes back to Michonne and Andrea’s eight months spent in the wilderness, showing an innocent scene of the girls enjoying a meal while Michonne’s walkers loom nearby. Andrea asks who the “pets” were before they turned, but Michonne clams up, and says only that they were inhuman monsters before they turned, and got what they deserved.

    THE COMICS: As we’ve said before, Michonne have little issue identifying the walkers as her boyfriend Mike and his friend Terry, the latter of which she didn’t much care for, but neither of them were observed to be as evil as AMC’s Michonne claims.

  • 2

    The Governor's Torture Chamber

    AMC: Both Milton and Andrea panic at the sight of the Governor preparing a torture chamber, presumably for Michonne, and containing everything from power tools to chains to string up victims.

    THE COMICS: Though not specifically designated as a torture chamber, the Governor kept both Michonne and Glenn in adjacent garages, stringing Michonne up with chains on either arm and keeping her stationary with a rope around her neck.

  • 3

    Milton Decides to Stay

    AMC: After observing the torture chamber, Milton realizes that the Governor has abandoned his plans to restart society and potentially find a cure for the undead, focusing solely on revenge. Even still, Milton elects to stay rather than leave with Andrea, believing he has no place in the prison and could do more good in Woodbury.

    THE COMICS: If we keep Milton as an analogy of the comic character Doctor Stevens, Stevens was similarly offered a chance to leave by an escaping Martinez, Rick, Michonne, Glenn and Alice, deciding to take it. Stevens didn’t get very far however, being felled by a walker on his way out of the town.

  • 4

    The Governor's Relationship With Penny

    AMC: During his conversation with Milton, the Governor reveals that he intended for Milton to find a cure to the zombie condition, and ultimately salvage the remaining spark of his daughter Penny before Michonne cut her down for good.

    THE COMICS: Though the Penny of the comics was later revealed to be the Governor’s biological niece, let’s just say that the relationship between the zombified girl and the Woodbury leader was far more disturbing. Additionally, Michonne left Penny unharmed in her revenge on the Governor.

  • 5

    Tyreese Should Stick to Hammers

    AMC: Stationed with his sister Sasha on the Woodbury perimeter, Tyreese miserably fails to get a headshot on an approaching walker, while Sasha taunts his poor aim.

    THE COMICS: The Tyreese of the comics was similarly observed to have little skill with firearms, and in fact asked Andrea to help him improve his aim. The scene from tonight’s episode strongly mirrors a similar conversation between Tyreese and Andrea en route to a National Guard station for supplies.

  • 6

    Speaking of Tyreese and Andrea...

    AMC: Andrea appears after Tyreese finally shoots down the walker, misleading him in order to hop the wall and escape from Woodbury. Continually compassionate, Tyreese allows her to leave rather than see anyone hurt, but it’s clear the pair haven’t had much interaction.

    THE COMICS: Tyreese and Andrea shared a strong friendship within the books, one that was even mistaken for romance as Dale observed the two spending a great deal of time together. In actuality, the pair had been helping one another prepare a peg leg to be fitted for Dale, who lost his leg in the books the same way as Hershel in the TV series.

  • 7

    Allen Gets in Tyreese's Face Again

    AMC: With little provocation, Allen once again gets angry with Tyreese and urges him not to do anything that might cause their expulsion from Woodbury. Later, Tyreese and Allen come to blows over the walkers in the pit, and Tyreese nearly drops him into the pit in anger.

    THE COMICS: Particularly after the loss of his wife Donna, Allen became incredibly short with Andrea and anyone that would presume to know his grief. Similarly, Tyreese was occasionally observed to have issues controlling his anger, but rarely had any trouble with Allen.

  • 8

    Donna and Tyreese

    AMC: During their argument, Allen brings up that Tyreese and Donna were a little close for his comfort, particularly after he saved Donna  by being  in the “right place and time.” That comment isn’t given much explanation, but could presumably refer to a compromising position Allen found the pair in.

    THE COMICS: The Donna of the comics was considerably older, and only ever had brief occasion to interact with Tyreese before her own death. Tyreese was observed to have occasional issues with infidelity however, accepting advances from Michonne while still in a relationship with Carol, and not waiting very long after the breakup to hook up with Michonne again.

  • 9

    The Governor Gives Andrea the Rundown

    AMC: During their came of cat and mouse across the countryside, the Governor chases after Andrea with his truck, nearly running her down before she escapes into the woods.

    THE COMICS: The Governor’s attempt on Andrea’s life strongly mirrors Rick’s pursuit of Martinez, who helped Rick and the others escape back to the prison, before himself fleeing to expose their location to Woodbury. Rick gave chase in Dale’s RV, and actually did run him down, before strangling his mangled body in the open field.

  • 10

    Governor Gone Crazy

    AMC: Pursuing Andrea inside the factory, the Governor appears to become increasingly unhinged, first attempting to lure her out before snapping and smashing every surface in sight with a shovel. And let’s not forget about that creepy, ominous murder-whistle!

    THE COMICS: Even after surviving his horrific injuries at Michonne’s hand, the comic Governor still kept a reserved exterior that occasionally broke in the face of frustration. No murder-whistle was ever observed, but he was known to throw a tantrum or two when things didn’t go his way.

  • 11

    Saboteur in Their Midst

    AMC: Though not explicitly stated, we’re given to believe that Milton has begun a saboteur campaign of his own by burning the biters in the pit, and preventing their use in battle with the prison group.

    THE COMICS: Even in the final battle, Woodbury’s forces were never observed to utilize captive biters in the fighting, and the Governor had little-to-no insubordination. At best, the Governor had an antagonistic relationship with Doctor Stevens, but Stevens’ death prevented any kind of confrontation.

  • 12

    Tyreese's Relationship With the Governor

    AMC: Despite Andrea’s warnings, Tyreese does his best to stay on the Governor’s good side, repeatedly apologizing for is actions so as to avoid any punishment for his group. He did however keep Andrea’s warnings from the man, preferring to play his cards close to the chest.

    THE COMICS: As we’ve said before, Tyreese and the Governor only had one occasion to meet in the comics, and neither one really came out ahead.

  • 13

    Andrea Enters the Torture Chamber

    AMC: Despite making it all the way to the prison, the Governor finally captures Andrea, and covertly returns to Woodbury telling everyone she got away. Instead, he gags the woman and binds her to the dentist chair in his torture chamber, preparing to inflict untold horrors!

    THE COMICS: Michonne was the worst of the Governor’s victims, having been chained up shortly after arriving in Woodbury with Rick and Glenn. The Governor raped and beat Michonne repeatedly, which doesn’t give us very high hopes for AMC’s Andrea in the next few episodes…