‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 shambles out its seventh entry with Sunday’s episode “When the Dead Come Knocking,” but how does it hold up to the comic book continuity? With Maggie and Glenn captives of Woodbury and Michonne arrived at the prison, the opposing sides prepare to meet as Rick stages a daring assault to reclaim his friends. So, what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the season goes on?

As AMC's incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we've compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC's ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check it all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode “When the Dead Come Knocking" in the comments below!

  • 1

    The Interrogation

    AMC: While Merle plays nice at first, Glenn’s refusal to cooperate with the Woodbury brute’s questions quickly delves into violence, with Merle brutally beating his captive as a helpless Maggie listens on from the next room.

    THE COMICS: One if the initial captives of Woodbury, Glenn never faced any actual interrogation (that we saw), though the Governor later claimed to have beaten a confession out of him and released him. In reality, the Governor had only threatened to interrogate him, and placed him in a room adjacent to Michonne so that Glenn could hear her brutal rape and perhaps be driven to confess.

  • 2

    Rick's Initial Distrust of Michonne

    AMC: Having waited until she passed out from exhaustion to bring her inside the prison, Rick gently revives Michonne and assures her of her safety, while keeping the sword out of her reach. Shortly thereafter, Rick gets aggressive, even torturous to get Michonne to explain how she arrived at the prison with a basket full of baby formula.

    THE COMICS: Michonne initially arrived at the prison fresh off saving Otis’ life, which earned her a much more welcome reception from Rick and the others. Comic Rick too kept the sword, and kept an eye on Michonne for the time being, though it was eventually revealed that Michonne had found and reclaimed her sword anyway.

  • 3

    The Group Learns of Woodbury and the Governor

    AMC: Their interaction still somewhat tense, Michonne explains about Maggie and Glenn’s capture, and offers to lead the way to Woodbury to rescue them. She also explains about the Governor, but fails to mention Merle’s name when describing the man who shot her leg. Poor Daryl.

    THE COMICS: Rick, Michonne, and Glenn all discovered Woodbury and its Governor together, having followed the trail of its soldiers from a downed helicopter they’d seen crashing from the prison.

  • 4

    Rick and Carl Have Some Really Awkward Talks

    AMC: Not having spoken much since Lori’s death and Rick’s subsequent breakdown, Rick takes a moment before leaving for Woodbury to comfort his traumatized son about his mother’s passing, and the horrible actions he had to take thereafter. Poor li’l bugger.

    THE COMICS: Though the AMC moment is hardly the first heart-to-heart we’ve seen Rick and Carl have, it still represents one of many horrible talks the pair have shared in the comics, including confessions of some of the more brutal actions they’ve had to take, and the horrible impulses it’s left them with.

  • 5

    Meet Judith Grimes

    AMC: At the end of their horrific talk, Carl reminds Rick that they’ve get to come up with a name for the baby girl, whom Daryl has taken to calling “Ass-Kicker.” Carl puts forth “Judith,” the name of his third grade teacher Mrs. Mueller, and Rick agreeably accepts.

    THE COMICS: Baby Grimes would indeed come to be named Judith, though it was Lori who first originated the moniker, offering no explanation of where she’d gotten it.

  • 6

    Milton's Latest Experiment

    AMC: The Governor takes Andrea to observe, and even participate in one of Milton’s experiments, attempting to condition the terminally ill Mr. Coleman before his death, and hopefully bring about some of his human memories upon re-animation. When the man dies and re-animates, Milton attempts to elicit the human responses, but to no avail as Mr. Coleman lunges after him, and is put down by Andrea.

    THE COMICS: Neither the Governor, nor any other characters were seen to participate in such elaborate experiments, though characters would often wonder what, if anything the dead remembered of their previous lives. In particular, Tyreese similarly tried to reason with his zombified daughter, though out of frantic grief rather than scientific investigation.

  • 7

    Merle's Unique Torture Methods

    AMC: Having failed to beat any information out of Glenn, other than a few bluffs about his group’s numbers, Merle decides to let loose a live walker in the interrogation room. Glenn struggles to keep the creature at bay while he demolishes his chair restraints, just barely managing to snap off a leg and drive it into the walker’s skull.

    THE COMICS: With regard to Glenn’s interrogation, Merle seems to fill a similar role as comic character Gabe, though no such torture ever occurred in the books. The closest we observed was Gabe re-locating a resistant Glenn to a cell adjacent to Michonne, and forcing him to listen to the Governor’s rape of his friend.

  • 8

    The Governor %22Interrogates%22 Maggie

    AMC: After realizing that a friendly approach won’t lull Maggie into giving up any information about her camp, the Governor orders her to stand up and strip topless. He moves to rape her then and there, but ultimately relents when he sees that the threats don’t break her either.

    THE COMICS: Whoo boy. Let’s just say that the comic book Governor didn’t hold anything back in his torture of Michonne, and wasn’t looking for information so much as a sick thrill. Thankfully, Michonne would eventually get even.

  • 9

    Will Somebody Give the Governor a Hand?

    AMC: As a threat to coerce Maggie into stripping, the Governor promises to cut off Glenn’s hand and show it to her if she doesn’t comply with his demands. Thankfully, for the moment it remains empty words.

    THE COMICS: The books teach us that the Governor’s threat could be more than just words however, as the sadistic villain of the comics wasted little time in cutting off Rick’s hand in order to make the others more compliant! Might AMC’s version follow through on his threat, and if so, with who?

  • 10

    The Cabin in the Woods

    AMC: While overrun with walkers on their way to Woodbury, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar take refuge in a nearby cabin. Noticing a powerful smell, Rick finds the owner of the cabin very much alive and well under some sheets, and crazed enough to threaten them at gunpoint. The threat is short-lived however, as the man’s attempt to flee is cut short by Michonne’s sword, and the group toss his body to the walkers as cover for their escape.

    THE COMICS: Not that we’ve seen! On the surface, the incident seems merely to pad the AMC episode’s runtime, but any hints of the mysterious man’s connection to the comics are lost with his death. Speculate, fans, speculate!

  • 11

    Maggie Cracks First

    AMC: Having reached the end of his rope, the Governor tosses a still-topless Maggie into Glenn’s cell and threatens to kill either of them if it means getting answers. Glenn holds firm, but when the Governor holds a gun to him, Maggie ultimately cracks and reveals that 10 of them are holed up at a nearby prison

    THE COMICS: No one actually cracked, or gave up any information to the Governor in the books, but rather the villain deduced the existence of the prison from Rick’s jumpsuit underneath his armor. The Governor confirmed his suspicion by bluffing to Rick that Glenn had already told him about the prison, when in reality Glenn had never actually been interrogated at all.

  • 12

    Will Martinez Find the Prison?

    AMC: In a contrast to the books, AMC’s Woodbury had already known of the existence f the prison, but deemed it too far overrun to be taken back. Newly aware of its habitability, the Governor tasks Martinez and Merle with finding the prison to confirm for themselves.

    THE COMICS: The comic Governor only learned of the prison from Rick and his group, though without actual knowledge of its whereabouts. Several Woodbury soldiers eventually found the grounds, though that was after Martinez helped Rick, Glenn and Michonne escape captivity. Martinez secretly intended to return to Woodbury in order to bring the town’s inhabitants, minus the Governor, but Rick tracked him down before he got the chance.

  • 13

    Michonne Leads the Others to Woodbury

    AMC: True to her word, Michonne leads Rick, Oscar and Daryl to the gates of Woodbury, as they prepare their complement of weapons to siege the town in search of Glenn and Maggie, not knowing their old friend Andrea to be on the opposite side of the gate. Will they succeed, or die trying?

    THE COMICS: The group never led a direct assault on Woodbury itself, though the books too had Michonne largely leading the way from the downed helicopter to the first discovery of the town. Michonne also lead an assault on the Woodbury men with Tyreese, though in the woods surrounding the prison rather than the town itself.