Even if 'The Walking Dead's third season finale "Welcome to the Tombs" left some fans scratching their heads about the notable comic differences, days later we're still reeling from the casualties of the big season 3 closer. Given all the behind-the-scenes drama and transition however, it might surprise you to learn that 'The Walking Dead' re-shot parts of the season 3 finale, devising several alternate ends for one crucial scene. Find out what you didn't see from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 inside!

Spoiler warning from here on out, but 'The Walking Dead' season 3 finale left us with at least one major surprise. Despite the character's continued existence in the comics, Andrea (Laurie Holden) finally bit the big one, or rather a zombified Milton (Dallas Roberts) took a good chunk out of her, all-but-assuring her end.

Or did it? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Dallas Roberts revealed that Andrea's death scene had to be re-shot several months after initial photography, and in fact several possibilities for Andrea's death were considered. It isn't known if AMC, Robert Kirkman or new season 4 showrunner Scott M. Gimple spearheaded the re-shoot, but the original left far less suspense in Andrea's fate. Says Roberts:

Originally, the beating scene that started the episode wasn’t there. Originally, I showed up and was led into the room where Andrea was and I took the tools out – the instruments of torture that were laid on the table — and then he shot me in the stomach, completely unexpectedly. And then I was left to bleed out in the same idea basically — you’re going to kill her now. There was a lot more of Milton trying to open the door and him trying to free her from the chains. And then there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn’t have to deal with Walker Milton, or Biter Milton, as it were.

And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found her. Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren’t there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version. And then they called us back a few months later to reshoot it and made all those changes. So now you’re not sure if I’ve gotten her until after that door opens, and I think that’s probably why they did it.

If nothing else, Roberts' clarification helps explain a few discrepancies, as most production photos of the zombified Milton featured less blood, and the character's glasses still present on his face. Either ending would have left Andrea dead, but the aired version at least offered more suspense, and a more dignified end for the character.

What say you? Would you have preferred any of the other versions of Andrea's death? Should the character have been kept alive into season 4? Check out the behind-the-scenes clip below, and give us your 'The Walking Dead' reactions in the comments!