The morning after, and we’re still fired up from last night’s season 3 outing of ‘The Walking Dead,’ “Sick.” Thankfully there weren't any tremendous twists to avoid spoiling like last week, but it still seems that Rick and co. have plenty more to deal with even after settling into the prison and recovering from a tragic injury. Next week’s “Walk With Me” will finally catch up with Andrea and Michonne on their way to Woodbury, so how would you like a first look? 

Rick Grimes, the other survivors and the remaining inmate friends of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 may have settled their conflicts for the time being, but the real dangers apparently lie outside the prison in wait!  Last night’s episode “Sick” rather brutally dealt with the five inmate survivors, but Hershel's recovery may take a backseat as next week's "Walk With Me" introduces Andrea and Michonne to some new friends of their own.

What will Andrea, Michonne and her pets discover out on the open road?  Will that mysterious helicopter we've been seeing in promos be involved?? Check out the first clip from next week’s follow-up episode “Walk With Me” below, and then go even deeper into ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 with our in-depth comic-TV comparison of last night's "Sick!"