For as much as 'The Walking Dead' season 4 initially left us with questions over the Governor's whereabouts, his brief appearance in "Internment" left us wondering about possible motives for returning to the limelight. This weekend's "Dead Weight" will continue our exploration of the character in the intervening months, but has a New Zealand promo shockingly revealed the reformed villain's plan?

Beware of some pretty significant spoilers of the upcoming episode bound to please comic fans, but it seems 'The Walking Dead' season 4 has been tanking for a reason. The Governor may spend the majority of "Dead Weight" cozying up to Martinez's group with his new surrogate family, as per last week's "Live Bait," but the reformed family man may not just walk up to the prison's front gate; he might roll right over it!

The infamous comic tank can be glimpsed in the above New Zealand promo (courtesy of Uproxx), seemingly showcasing the Governor's intent to take the prison from Rick's group, supplanting it with his own. Of course, his newfound nurturing nature might dictate that he simply ask Rick and co. for a spot within prison walls, but somehow we imagine at least that Michonne wouldn't be too cozy with it.

We'll see for ourselves when the Governor returns in the latest 'Walking Dead' installment "Dead Weight," but what say you? Is the stage set for an even more epic prison showdown than season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs?"