We barely had time to reassemble our faces in the time after Sunday's 'Breaking Bad' episode, "Confessions," but our first look at new footage from 'The Walking Dead' season 4 shambled out in a special sneak peek broadcast during an all-new episode of 'Low Winter Sun!' Horses are galloped, guns are grabbed, and Michonne means business, but what do we learn from the new footage?

From what we can tell, it seems Rick and his group have made some extensive modifications and improvements to the prison structure, particularly the gates that had been rammed in by the Governor's forces during the last assault. As we've seen before additionally, Michonne seems particularly fond of her new equestrian friend, but it looks like ambient walkers will be every bit as hungry for it as for our favorite sword-swinger.

While we await the latest details from ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, the next run of the AMC horror-drama will introduce ‘The Wire’ star Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as comic character Bob Stookey, and upgrade actors Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney to series regulars. AMC earlier confirmed that David Morrissey would also return in season 4 as a series regular, while the series is confirmed to have begun casting three new roles exceptionally familiar to comic fans. Plus, more Michonne on a horse!

We'll be back with more fresh intel on 'The Walking Dead' tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the sneak peek of season 4 above, and give us your predictions for the October 13 premiere in the comments!

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