While 'The Walking Dead' season 2 finale clearly foreshadowed the future presence of fan-favorite characters and the iconic prison, the season 3 finale deviated from the canon and changed how we anticipate the coming cycle. Though we hope to learn more from the coming weeks at Comic-Con, we already seem to have an update on 'The Walking Dead' season 4 from the premiere title itself.

TVLine managed to confirm the Scott M. Gimple-written October premiere's title as "30 Days Without an Accident," a seemingly bizarre moniker that may or may not be taken literally. For one, Rick's moving the Woodbury citizens into the prison may have strengthened their community to the point of reducing walker attack casualties, perhaps implying a time jump of at least 30 days, or perhaps something sinister will go down within the abandoned prison workshop?

While we wait for season 4, the next run of ‘The Walking Dead’ will introduce ‘The Wire’ star Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as haunted Army medic Bob Stookey, while actors Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney have all been upgraded to series regulars. AMC earlier confirmed that David Morrissey’s villainous Governor would also return in season 4 as a series regular.

Yesterday's Comic-Con 2013 banner art teased some epic new action for season 4, for which we'll be on hand to get the scoop from the cast themselves, but what say you? Could 'The Walking Dead' season 4 premiere, "30 Days Without an Accident," have a literal connotation or signal something deeper? What do you think the season 4 premiere will bring this fall?

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