Fans of the original 'Walking Dead' comics would more than likely agree that the defining moments of the series occurred within the survivors' time at the prison, wherein Rick Grimes went to war with Woodbury and its Governor. Now, as AMC continues shooting season 4 of its own 'The Walking Dead,' have leaked set photos confirmed the introduction of a major twist from the comics?

SPOILER WARNINGS from here on out, but a long-recurring question asked of 'The Walking Dead' writers and producers continues to pose whether or not AMC's Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) might suffer the same fate as his comic counterpart, losing his right hand to the Governor (David Morrissey) in one of the more shocking moments of the series that left a lasting impact on the character.

It had been seen as unlikely that AMC would incorporate the same twist, considering series creator Robert Kirkman himself has expressed on multiple occasions his own regret for the storytelling choice, given the logistical problems it would cause for the character. Not only that, but removing Rick's hand would require near-constant CG work and consideration, much moreso than with Hershel (Scott Wilson) and his missing leg.

However, new leaked photos from the season 4 set appear to showcase Rick with a large bandage on his right hand, something TheWalkingDeadEnthusiasts suggests could imply AMC decided to take the hand after all. We sincerely doubt it, given Andrew Lincoln appears to still have use of the fingers on his injured hand, judging by the photos, but it is interesting to consider. Moreover, season 4 might craft any number of explanations for Rick's injured hand, among them another comic incident in which Rick required bandaging for delivering a severe beating.

We've included a link to the photos below, but what say you? Might 'The Walking Dead' season 4 go 'Game of Thrones' in chopping off a hero's hand? How do you think the coming season will handle future comic-book storylines, having deviated so much already?

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