'The Walking Dead' ended season 4 on more of an immediate cliffhanger than any past season, so much so that we're left to wonder more about how season 5 will open than what major comic stories it might tackle. Still, as production on the new season looms, showrunner Scott Gimple promises the most action-heavy season yet, and a possible return for fan-favorite character Morgan (Lennie James).

Speaking with Larry King, Gimple remained hesitant with answering direct questions about the fifth season of 'The Walking Dead,' though he was at least willing to confirm we'd learn Beth's fate after her "Alone" disappearance, as well as revealing another love story beyond Glenn and Maggie (though this could refer to Bob/Sasha, or even Abraham/Rosita). Perhaps most intriguingly of all, Gimple predicted that the series could realistically last around 10 seasons, considering the looming threat of death and ever-changing nature of the cast.

Speaking of the cast, at least, Gimply heartily confirmed that we'd see Morgan pop up again as soon as possible, something comic fans well know - SPOILER ALERT - happened at about this point in the narrative. “I am so determined to make that happen by hook and by crook that I can say definitively, yes," teased Gimple, careful to hedge bets thereafter. "But there's time and tide that can get in the way.”

Also worth noting is that Gimple couldn't explicitly confirm that season 5 would pick up exactly where we left off with Rick and the others in a Terminus boxcar, though it would be "difficult" to imagine any kind of time jump getting in the way of the cliffhanger's resolution.

We always imagined 'The Walking Dead' to have a 7-8-season run, but what do you think? Would 10 push the zombie apocalypse too long? Might Rick and the others run into Morgan on the way out from Terminus? Give us your Walking Dead' season 5 predictions in the comments, after watching the interview below!