The Walking Dead has kept quiet since the close of Season 5, letting its upcoming companion series shoulder most of the load, but with Comic-Con 2015 on the horizon, the mothership AMC horrorfest has its first photo and casting. Literally Straight Outta Compton, star Corey Hawkins joins The Walking Dead Season 6 as comic character Heath.

The Hollywood Reporter brought a double-whammy in both announcing the character and providing our first photo of the season, confirming that Hawkins’ Heath will emerge among the Alexandria setting. First introduced in Issue 69 of Robert Kirkman’s books, Rick and his group encountered Heath just outside Alexandria, as Aaron ventured to rescue his community’s supply runners, before bringing in Rick’s group.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Heath Corey Hawkins
The Hollywood Reporter / AMC

The character has also notably proven a friend to Glenn, and a love interest of Doctor Denise Cloyd, a character not yet introduced on the AMC series. Otherwise, very little is known of The Walking Dead Season 6 thus far, though RIck’s group is expected to remain in the Alexandria community for some time, newly joined by the returning Morgan (Lennie James). Season 6 will also explore the mysterious “Wolves” that closed out the season, which may or may not lead to the arrival of comic baddie Negan.

We’ll see more from The Walking Dead Season 6 at Comic-Con 2015, but does Corey Hawkins fit the bill as Heath? What other comic character might pop up when AMC’s horror smash shambles out new episodes this fall?

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