Sunday's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode "This Sorrowful Life" might have unfolded somewhat quietly, but next week's season finale "Welcome the Tombs" will really bring the noise. The Governor will finally make his move against the survivors at the prison, but will Rick and the others vote to abandon their safe haven home before the battle even comes to pass? Check out a preview of next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs" inside!

Only one episode remains of 'The Walking Dead's third season, and we're betting next Sunday's season finale "Welcome to the Tombs" will prove to be a doozy. Rick will likely have to make a stand with the prison survivors against the inevitable onslaught of the Governor, having lost another of his men during the events of "This Sorrowful Life,"

The season's penultimate episode saw Rick giving the group a choice of leaving the prison behind or fighting the Governor, but will they decide to leave the facility's safe haven? AMC has released its first new clip from the finale, which sees Carl and the others packing for their likely evacuation, but whether that evacuation will prove a last resort or the main plan remains to be seen!

Check out a sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead's season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs" below, and give us your predictions for the season's end in the comments!

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