From the moment AMC's 'The Walking Dead' announced that David Morrissey would take on the role of iconic comic villain The Governor, fans wondered just how much of the villain's depraved nature would translate from page to screen.  And yet while most of this past Sunday's "Walk With Me" portrayed the character as an even-tempered, even benevolent man, the final minutes certainly turned the tables with some imagery straight out of the books!

So now that we know the AMC character to be every bit as deranged as his comic counterpart, just how bad will things get?  Will we see any other moments taken right from the comics?

Between dead national guard soldiers, zombie experiments and severed head fish tanks, last Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' episode "Walk With Me" proved David Morrissey's Governor every bit the disturbed villain Robert Kirkman's comics laid him out to be.  So while the other characters remain largely ignorant of his true nature, will we see any other aspects of the comic book Governor make it to the screen?  The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke to 'The Walking Dead' show-runner Glen Mazzara, who confirmed a few key details would definitely be brought to life.

For one, we can definitely expect to see the "biter fights" that the comic version held as a public spectacle, though perhaps not exactly as the books showed them, where even Michonne was forced to participate.  "[Biter fights] is something that I think people can look forward to this season. I'd hope people would think it's an exciting scene. I won't give away who could be in there but it could be anybody."

Further than that, Mazzara also confirmed to TVGuide that the young girl seen as part of The Governor's family photograph is indeed the Penny of the books, though whether AMC kept the character as his niece or shifted her role to his daughter remains to be seen.  Also yet unknown is Penny will be as...let's say "active" as in the books.

Mazzara hesitated to confirm certain other, barbaric forms of torture that the comic Governor put Rick Grimes and his group through, but made sure to stress that AMC's rendition would "stay true to the original work."

What say you?  Do you think AMC's Governor will prove just as malicious as his comic-counterpart?  What 'Walking Dead' moments are you hoping that AMC brings to life?  Tune in for this Sunday's "Killer Within," and give us your thoughts in the comments!