Where this week's latest 'The Walking Dead' season 5 installment "Slabtown" ventured outside the main cast to catch up with Beth's new circumstances, next week's "Self Help" will return firmly to Abraham and his cohorts on the road to Washington D.C. All involved will have some understandable questions for the mysterious Eugene however, the first of which the portly scientist begins to answer in our first clip from next week's episode:

Our first look at next week's "Self Help" sees Glenn inquisitively questioning Eugene's supposed plan to cure the world of its zombie infestation, though Eugene predictably seems none-too-thrilled to share very many answers on the mechanism. If not to explain his master plan to save the world however, the least Eugene could do is to answer Glenn's questions on the decidedly non-scientific mullet, something Eugene seems happy to divulge.

Will Abraham and the others make it as far as Washington D.C., or does that bus flip we saw in the July trailer spell bad news for the mission? Could Eugene even be telling the truth anyway, given how eager he seems to hide details of the plan? Check out the clip from next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' installment "Self Help" above, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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