Only two episodes remain in 'The Walking Dead' season 3 after Sunday's nail-biting episode "Prey," and the battle between Woodbury and the prison has only just begun. Everyone knows that Merle Dixon will likely play a large part in the struggle, serving as a wild card at the prison, but will Daryl be able to keep his brother in check before tensions threaten to tear Rick's group apart? Get a sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead' season 3's penultimate episode "This Sorrowful Life" inside!

Much as we don't want it to end, 'The Walking Dead' season 3 will soon come to its bloody conclusion with next Sunday's penultimate installment "This Sorrowful Life." Andrea certainly seems worse off than anyone given the climax of "Prey," but Merle may prove a pivotal figure in the final battle, if only he can find a way to stop antagonizing those he previously tortured!

AMC has released a new clip from next week's "This Sorrowful Life" in which Daryl attempts to place peacemaker between Glenn and Merle, but Glenn won't be so easily swayed to trust someone that took orders from a man as sinister as the Governor. If the Governor takes the fight to them however, will Rick's group and Merle be able to make their defense work?

Check out the latest clip from next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' episode "This Sorrowful Life" below, and tell us in the comments what role you think Merle will play in the coming war!