With the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory earlier this month, team captain and Gisele Bündchen spouse Tom Brady earned his fifth ring and hit a new professional high. He’s now won more Super Bowls than any quarterback in NFL history, having earned MVP status in four of the five to boot. While he’s begun to earn the ire of the sporting community for essentially turning the current-day Pats into the late-’90s Yankees (and for the business with the ball deflating and the Trump chumminess and the wearing Ugg boots in public and whatnot), Brady’s still an immensely popular athlete with an inspiring narrative behind his career. And that can mean only one thing: it’s time for a wicked pissah of a biopic.

Deadline announced today that Brady and his road to football superstardom will provide the subject for an upcoming book and accompanying feature film. The item names scribes Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson as taking the lead on the project. The pair of writers are well-acquainted with life in Massachusetts, having already written the scripts for The Finest Hours (pronounced “finest ow-ahs”) and The Fighter (pronounced “fightah”). They’ll team with some more local authorities, tapping Boston Strong writers Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge to advise on the script. The film will reportedly focus on Brady’s come-from-behind win in the recent Super Bowl LI, but will also address the controversy colloquially known as “Deflategate” and Brady’s dipping public profile.

Casting for the Brady role is sure to get underway soon, but what‘s certain at present is that this project will be a wellspring of opportunities for football puns. If it is bad, this film will fumble or have trouble getting into the end zone. If it is good, it will be hailed as a touchdown. Either way, we’ve got a lot of wordplay ahead of us.

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