This is casting news we can get behind. Doug Liman is loading up his latest picture, 'All You Need is Kill' with actors, and he's already got Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt signed up. But now it looks like Bill Paxton could be joining the cast, and that's enough to warrant buying a ticket.

As Variety tells us, Cruise will be playing a soldier who trains through dying, only to live his last day over and over as he keeps getting more skilled. Such means that Emily Blunt must be playing a scientist or doctor (and possible love interest). Bill Paxton is in talks to be his commanding officer, so now he gets to play the Apone role.

Paxton has something of a cult following and it's because he established himself as a character actor par excellence with three roles: Hudson in 'Aliens,' Chet in 'Weird Science,' and Severen ("I hate it when they ain't been shaved") in 'Near Dark.' It led to steady work in films like 'Predator 2' and 'Wyatt Earp.' But Paxton could be a great performer when called on, and he gave career-best performances in 1992's sorely overlooked 'One False Move' and in Sam Raimi's 'A Simple Plan.' If anyone can flesh out the walking cliche that commanding officers tend to be, it's Paxton. 'All You Need is Kill' is scheduled to start shooting in a couple months.