December is often a surprising month at the box office as many films that never top the box office end up making a lot of money. The Tom Cruise vehicle 'Jack Reacher' opened right before Christmas and had a $15 million opening weekend. Sounds weak right? And yet the picture has grossed nearly $80 million domestically, and over $200 million worldwide. Which is why Paramount is talking about a sequel.

This news comes from Deadline Hollywood, who note that the film just crossed the $200 million mark, and the studio is already trying to figure out what Lee Child book in his Jack Reacher series to adapt next.

Part of the reason that a sequel is being talked up is because Tom Cruise is still a draw worldwide, as the film did better internationally than domestically. The other big thing that makes this film a hit is that it cost $60 Million dollars, which makes it on the cheap side of a star-driven studio picture. As Paramount didn't go on an ad blitz with advertising the picture (marketing a blockbuster can run north of a hundred million dollars), it should have made a nice profit by now. If/when this does happen, it will likely be after the next 'Mission: Impossible' film.

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