Turtlenecks for men are widely considered (by people who have never seen Ernest Hemingway), a fashion don't. When you get it wrong, it's not pretty, but if you can get it right, you wind up looking like a total badass.

The latest to join this "Legion of Guys Who Don't Look Completely Lame in Turtlenecks" is Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays John Harrison in 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' He's rocking the turtleneck so hard, he doesn't even have to cover it up with a leather jacket (which, frankly, helps quite a bit). In honor of the newest member of this elite club, we've rounded up a few more examples of men who have worn turtlenecks without looking like creepy librarians.

  • 1

    Magneto, 'X-Men: First Class'

    20th Century Fox

    Young Erik Lehnsherr was impeccably played by the ultra-stylish Michael Fassbender. Does his killer turtleneck contribute to his overall magnetism? Probably not. He does have magnet powers, after all. But he still looks dashing in a 'neck.

  • 2

    Nick Fury, 'Avengers'


    Let's give a hearty, Samuel L. Jackson-style slow clap for Nick Fury's jaunty turtleneck. It says "Alien invasion? I'm just gonna sit back on the helicarrier and let the superhero team I assembled do literally all the work."

  • 3

    Paul Kersey, 'Death Wish 3'


    How did the 'Death Wish' team up the ante for the third outing? Giant machine guns and rocket launchers. Also, they gave Charles Bronson a sweet turtleneck/leather jacket combo. If you're going to kill a ton of bad guys, you might as well look good doing it.

  • 4

    Ron Burgundy, 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'


    Of course no list of turtleneck wearing tough guys would be complete without newscaster/jazz flute aficionado Ron Burgundy. By the beard of Zeus, that's a sharp turtleneck.

  • 5

    The Punisher, 'The Punisher War Zone'


    Okay, so maybe Frank Castle's kevlar turtleneck is less of a fashion statement and more for protecting his neck from bullets. But we still think he'd fit in among the NPR set at a David Sedaris reading.

  • 6

    James Bond, 'Die Another Day'

    Bond Lifestyle

    Leave it to Bond to wear a cashmere turtleneck sweater like a straight up boss. It can't be tuxedo time all the time. Sometimes you need a turtleneck for your evening martini date with 'Jinx' Johnson.

  • 7

    Frank Bullitt, 'Bullitt'

    Rude Suit

    How does Steve McQueen keep his cool behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang? Black turtleneck. His knuckles say 'white hot action" while his turtleneck says "I have Ali MacGraw's number on speed dial."

  • 8

    John Shaft, 'Shaft'

    Warner Bros.

    What's that sexy clothing garment that keeps your neck warm and snug? Turtlenecks! Damn right. Shut yo mouth! I'm just talkin' 'bout turtlenecks.

  • 9

    Raoul Silva, 'Skyfall'


    As if his blonde hair and white jacket combo wasn't enough, Silva wears the heck out of a turtleneck during the final nighttime battle. There hasn't been a Bond villain this stylish since Christopher Walken sauntered through 'A View to a Kill.'

  • 10

    John Harrison, ' Star Trek Into Darkness'


    Benedict Cumberbatch is already garnering rave reviews for his role as the villainous John Harrison. Is the turtleneck the key to discovering his mysterious identity? No, but it sure looks great. Right, ladies??