'Transcendence' is looking to be one of the biggest sci-fi flicks of the next couple years, mainly because we're intrigued by the mysteriousness of the the project, which is eyeing an April 2014 release. While Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall, the latter of whom will be seen in 'Iron Man 3,' are set in the lead roles of Wally Pfister's latest, Morgan Freeman is poised to join as well.

Variety reports that the actor joins the cast in a starring role opposite Depp, Hall and Paul Bettany. Details on his specific character is still unknown, which should come as no surprise as plot points in general have been kept under wraps.

We'll soon be seeing him in the Tom Cruise-led, Joseph Kosinski-directed 'Oblivion,' in which the Earth has been ravaged by a war between mankind and an alien race. 'Transcendence,' though still lacking specific plot details, has been likened to such hard sci-fi films as 'Inception' and '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

'Transcendence' will re-team Freeman with Pfister, who worked cinematography on the 'Dark Knight' trilogy, and Christopher Nolan, who is executive producing 'Transcendence.'

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