Somehow, Transformers: The Last Knight is going to show us how our favorite robots in disguise have been around Earth since the Middle Ages, and even how they led King Arthur’s armies into battle. (Has anyone told Michael Bay yet that King Arthur wasn’t real? No? Okay, just checking.) It’s sure to be quite the experience, and as Bay’s last go-round with the Transformers universe, he’s making sure to fit just about everything into this movie.

The new IMAX poster offers a few clues as to how all these stories will connect. It takes some knowledge of Transformers lore to puzzle together, but we’ve picked up on a few details. Let’s dive in.


The new poster shows us a metal shield, no doubt evoking something Arthurian. At the bottom, we have two Transformers who seem to be leading opposing armies (not unlike the war between the Brits and the Saxons that’s featured in Arthurian myth). Then, on top of those we have a three-headed dragon, which represents the Autobot Dragonstorm, with Earth held between his wings. Symbolically, that is. He’s not that big.

Lastly, that mystery planet up at the top could be the planet Cybertron or the Transformer Unicron, one of which is shown crashing into Earth in the trailers. We know that Optimus Prime visits his homeworld in the movie, so we will see Cybertron at some point, but some theorize that The Last Knight will also feature the Transformer god Unicron, a being that traverses the universe, consuming whole planets in an attempt to satiate its hunger.

The only text on the poster is the phrase right in the middle: “Every legend hides a secret.” It would certainly be quite a secret that the Autobots were helping King Arthur’s armies the whole time. The trailers for The Last Knight hint that we may finally discover why Optimus and his buddies keep coming to Earth. Apparently, the Transformers’ presence amongst us is more than meets the eye.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23.

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