2017 will be the year that our most beloved heroes turn on us: from Dom Toretto flipping his family’s cars into each other to Optimus Prime trying to murder Bumblebee, it’s not looking good for the good guys. The latest poster for Transformers: The Last Knight makes no secret of Optimus’ new evil status. It tells us, “Rethink Your Heroes,” over an image of the Autobot holding a massive sword featured in promo art before while his eyes glow that all-too-familiar Decepticon blue.


What does it mean?? Well, as we saw in the trailer, Optimus is now bad: he punches Bumblebee into the ground and then slashes at him with some kind of blade. Whether it connects, we don’t know, because the trailer ends there, but we do hear Optimus say, “Forgive me.” His voice sounds kind of strained, like he has to really work to get those words out. Could something have taken over his mind? It sure looks that way, with those purple eyes and all.

And what of that ruined planet in the background? Is it Optimus’ now-dead homeworld Cybertron, which we know he returns to at some point in the movie? ScreenRant seems to think it could be Unicron, who is one of the biggest characters in the Transformers franchise and considered basically a god that constantly hungers, consuming planets and stars and people alike. He has more of a humanoid look in the 1980s Transformers movie (and was voiced by Orson Welles), but, as we all know, the Transformers transform. The more powerful ones can probably look however they like.

Transformers: The Last Knight rolls into theaters June 23, 2017.

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