'Tron: Legacy,' like 'Tron' before it, was hyped and hoped to be the next big thing. With 'Legacy,' Disney spent years prepping audiences for the return of the light cycle and deadly discs to the big screen, even though the first film was viewed as a cult hit that tried and failed to be the next 'Star Wars.' But even though 'Tron: Legacy' was not the runaway success hoped for, Disney may be going back for more.

Currently Disney has hired writer Jesse Wigutow to work on a follow up, and he's worked on a number of screenplays for films that are still in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter, along with writing the Kirk and Michael Douglas film 'It Runs in the Family.'

Honestly, going back to the 'Tron' well strikes us as franchise desperation. 'Tron: Legacy' didn't seem to generate the interest hoped for, and with a listed production budget of $170 million, the $400 worldwide gross would mean that it just broke even theatrically, and turned a profit through home video. But considering Disney may have invested over $100 Million in advertising (as studios often do with their biggest titles), the relative success of the picture becomes harder to judge. But the bottom line is there's no sense that they built an audience hungry for more. Perhaps cable has made it slightly more popular, as it received mostly mixed notices on release.

That they aren't returning to the same writers as the first suggests that they know it had problems, though it appears Joseph Kosinski - who helmed the first - is still attached for the follow up. With Disney's new studio head spearheading this project, it seems likely we will get a 'Tron 3.'

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