Earlier this week we saw what might prove to be the (yellow) king of 'True Detective' parodies, but the latest to emerge on HBO's buzzworthy drama is at least a close second. Watch 'Community' stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash take on the mush-mouthed roles of Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart in 'The Soup''s take on 'True Detective'!

Earlier we saw Rash and McHale posting photos of themselves in costume to Twitter, though it wasn't yet known what angle 'The Soup' would take toward regurgitating the HBO thriller. Apart from nailing the looks of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in either timeframe, 'The Soup''s 'True Detective' parody nails down one indisputable fact: no one has any idea what the hell either character is talking about.

"Non-Sam, all this way to boontion. Cold fargarine makes moles into Marys, and Marys into moles," McHale's Cohle seethes in the character's trademark philosophical despair. "My mama said, 'dog face to the banana patch.'" It's a shame we couldn't see more of the 'Community' gang in on the gag, but McHale of course has his own responsibilities as host, while 'Community' also gave its own stellar investigative parody earlier in the season with the Fincher-spoofing "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics."

By this time next week, 'True Detective' parodies may well have lost their edge, following this Sunday's coming finale. In the meantime, soak up 'The Soup''s hysterical rendition above, and tell us what you want to see from the 'True Detective' finale this Sunday!

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