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Nat Faxon and Jim Rash Dare You to Enter the ‘Dead Mall’
For the vast majority of pop-culture consumers, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash are little more than the sort of distinctive character actors that make you go “It’s that guy!” when they appear onscreen. Rash earned himself a bit of cult adoration as the extravagantly pansexual Dean Craig Pelton on Community and Faxon played the lead in the short-lived but better-than-you’d-have-thought sitcom Ben and Kate. In actuality, however, they’re the fabulously successful screenwriting team who won the Academy Award in 2011 for adapting The Descendants and then won over crowds at Sundance two years later with their coming-of-age comedy The Way Way Back. They’re on a level of distinct talent wherein their mere involvement with a project is enough to generate excitement among movie types.
'Community' Season 6 Trailer Teases the 'Age of Yahoo'
The Age of Ultron will surely blow our minds by its next trailer, but Community has officially stolen The Avengers’ spotlight for its first Season 6 trailer. Marvel at the “Age of Yahoo” in our first full look at the Greendale Gang’s sixth season, chock full of all your favorite cameos and craziness!
'Community' Season 6 Photos: Keith David and Paget Brewster
Curious thought we are if NBC’s ‘Community’ will feel the same when season 6 debuts on Yahoo Screen next year, our first look at the Greendale Gang’s latest adventures look right at home. The first photos of the new season have arrived, as guest stars Keith David and Paget Brewster tread some familiar ground, but make fine additions to the ‘Community’ cast.
'Community' Season 6: Jim Rash and Nat Faxon to Direct
Last week saw ‘Community‘ season 6 beefing up the Greendale roster to include both ‘Enlisted’ veteran Keith David and Paget Brewster, and now the newly re-minted Yahoo Screen series will take us behind the scenes of its second episode, as well as Britta’s birth! Sort of. ‘Community’ star Jim Rash with team with frequent partner Nat Faxon to direct the second installment of the season, which will introduce ‘Clue’ stars Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren to play Britta’s parents.
Community Season 6 Trailer Teaser
Rescued from cancellation thought it may have been, 'Community''s future remains something of a question mark without Yahoo Screen setting any kind of official season 6 timetable. And while Comic-Con 2014 only had so many hints to offer on the Greendale Gang's new beginning, our first Yahoo teaser promises that the onetime-NBC series will be back better, stronger, and faster than ever.
Community Season 6 Yahoo Premiere Details
'Community' surprised us all yet again with its last-minute Yahoo renewal for a sixth season, as well with yesterday's news that the Greendale Gang would return to Comic-Con 2014, but fans of the cancelled cult NBC comedy still have a few questions about its return. Now, we have even more insight into who's returning, how and when new episodes will roll out, and what we can expect to see from San Diego.
'Community Season 6 on Yahoo: Everything We Know So Far
'Community' and its creator Dan Harmon blew our minds once more with the announcement that the Greendale Gang had survived cancellation yet again to produce a sixth season with Yahoo Screen, but is class really back in session? Find out everything we know about 'Community''s six seasons and a movie with our guide to Greendale's major Yahoo deal!

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