Hey, Twihards, want a piece of movie memorabilia that will surely make everyone in your fanfic community bow down in "we're not worthy" reverence? Then head over to eBay and bid on the pillow Edward shredded during his honeymoon sexytime with Bella in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.'

Props reseller Hollywood Parts says it's the "only known one in existence" and describes it thusly:

This is the pillow used on the bed during the sex scene between Edward and Bella in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1.' Tears and rips are visible on the pillow case. Pillow measures 36" in length and 20" in width. The pillowcase is a cream white and shows discoloration to show its use. Make up stains from the main actors can be seen on the pillow.

So how much will it cost for you to "own a piece of cinema history"? Dig deep because it'll be pricey -- bidding starts at $2,999 with another $35 for shipping. Which is an awful lot to pay for a used pillow missing so many of its feathers.

The auction doesn't have any bids yet, and while it still has a week or so to go, we're still kinda surprised the legions of 'Twilight' fans haven't sacrificed vacations and car payments (and food for their children) to jump into the fray.