It's time for another edition of "Movie Characters or SuicideGirls," the ScreenCrush original game that provides you with a name and you have to figure out whether it belongs to the character from the given movie or a SuicideGirl, a group of models that celebrate alternative beauty. Sound simple? Well, when you have Plum, Tangerine, Tourniquette and Tovi (and these are just the names of some of the SuicideGirls), it becomes a little more difficult.

While we know you loved 'Hunger Games' vs. SuicideGirls, we've decided to delve into the wide character pool of the 'Twilight' universe. This might turn out to be a doozey for you -- we've got African tribal vampires, ancient Irish clan members and the Volturi blood suckers on top of all the more well-known characters you love. Not to mention the bevy of Native American-tribal werewolves.

So you think you've got what it takes to answer all 10 correctly? Arm yourself with 'Twilight' knowledge and let's get started.