At this point you should be well aware that in the final installments of the 'Twilight' saga Taylor Lautner's character Jacob falls in love -- or "imprints" in 'Twilight' terminology -- on Bella and Edward's baby girl. Creepy, right? Lautner doesn't seem to think so.

If you aren't familiar with the books, "imprinting" is something that happens when a werewolf finds their soulmate, and things get all twinkly and magical and their soul is bonded to the other person (or werewolf... or vampire... or wood nymph... or whatever) forever. Jacob - who spent four movies so far pining for Bella - "imprints" himself on her baby daughter, Renesmee.

In an interview with EW, Lautner says he found this idea unsettling at first, but then he spoke with 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer and understood that it wasn't as simple as, like, a grown man creepily falling in love with a child (or as we normies like to call it, "pedophilia" -- gross). Says Lautner:

Everybody likes to tease me about it. Everyone thinks it’s so funny, and I laugh along with them, but it’s important for me to keep in my mind that it’s as simple as a lifelong bond. It’s not nearly as creepy as everybody likes to joke.

You're right, Tay-Tay! Falling in love with a kid is totally not creepy as long as you're a werewolf in poorly written fantasy fiction! This makes it totally okay! Even co-star Robert Pattinson thinks it's weird saying, "The first scene I saw them together, I literally could not stop laughing. I wouldn’t have been able to do it."

The next time a neighborhood pedo knocks on our door to announce his presence in the neighborhood, we'll just tell him to pretend he's a werewolf and no one will care.