As we roll toward the season of renewals, pilots and pickups, CBS has a great question hanging over its head with regard to the fate of 'Two and a Half Men.' Having survived two additional seasons past Charlie Sheen, the show may face additional departures as its looks toward a potential eleventh season. Yet if 'Two and a Half Men' were to come to an end in the near future, might all be forgiven enough to allow Charlie Sheen a brief return to the series before a potential finale? Sheen speaks out on his 'Two and a Half Men' future inside!

It would seem that the controversy surrounding Charlie Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' exit has long since fallen by the wayside, even replaced by the controversy of youngest series star Angus T. Jones' religious rants against the series. Yet as 'Two and a Half Men' looks toward an eleventh season, re-negotiating deals for all its leads, does the series have an endpoint in mind? And if so, might Charlie Sheen be allowed to appear long enough to pay his respects?

Speaking on 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' Sheen expressed his hope that he'd be allowed to return for a potential series finale, whenever one may be. Letterman reminded the star that his character had been killed off on the series, to which Sheen quipped, "I am dead. But so is the show.” Even then, Sheen's character of Charlie Harper did make a posthumous appearance, albeit played by Kathy Bates in an apparent afterlife torture.

If nothing else, Sheen at least has his 90 episodes of 'Anger Management' to fall back on, but what say you? Would you like to see Charlie Sheen return to 'Two and a Half Men' for the series finale? How much longer should the series go?

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