Universal Studios has produced some of the most iconic monster movies of all time. And now a handful of those will be arriving to watch for free on YouTube, starting January 15.

The black-and-white flicks, which debuted decades ago (1930s and 1940s), have left an indelible mark on filmmaking and culture. Mythical creates only previously known in pages of fiction novels truly came to life, as did the art of special FX, while stirring uneasy emotions in views as they bore witness to some of the first monster/horror movies beyond the silent film era.

From January 15 through 17, distributor NBCUniversal will release seven titles for free on YouTube’s “Fear: The Home of Horror” channel. Each will be available to watch for one week, during which a discounted purchase option will be available to viewers.

All movies will be released at 3PM ET on their respective days, and the release schedule can be viewed directly below.

Among the handful of titles are legendary films such as Dracula, starring famed actor Bela Lugosiand The Mummy, which featured equally legendary star Boris Karloff.

NBCUniversal Classic Monster Movie YouTube Release Schedule

Jan. 15 — Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932)
Jan. 16 — Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Jan. 17 — The Invisible Man (1933), The Wolf Man (1941), Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

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