Crazily enough, it’s getting harder and harder to schedule violent TV in between mass shootings. Where weeks ago TNT opted to reschedule The Last Ship Season 3 over its depiction of a nightclub shooting, USA’s aptly-named Shooter will now hold off a week in deference to the Dallas sniper attack.

The Hollywood Reporter broke word, specifically that the Ryan Phillippe-starring series adapted from the Mark Wahlberg thriller of the same name will now premiere on Tuesday, July 26. The original airing had been set for July 19, now altered by the July 7 attack that killed five Dallas police officers:

In light of recent tragic events and out of respect for the victims, their families and our viewers, we have decided to postpone the premiere date for the upcoming USA Network series Shooter to July 26.

As with the 2007 film (itself based on 1993 Stephen Hunter novel Point of Impact), USA’s 10-episode Shooter follows a U.S. veteran hero wrongly accused of a crime, and desperate to clear his name in order to return to his family. Phillippe takes the title role, alongside Omar Epps and Arrow vet Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

This marks the second time USA has pushed a premiere over topical events, last year rescheduling the finale of Mr. Robot’s first season over similarities to the on-air killings in Virginia. You can watch the updated Shooter trailer below, and catch the premiere on July 26.

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