There hasn't been much news from USA these past few weeks, a daunting prospect given that many of the cable network's more popular series had already had their fates decided, including 'Suits,' 'Burn Notice,' and the now-cancelled 'Fairly Legal.'  In particular, sports therapy drama 'Necessary Roughness' was believed to be on the bubble, uncertain of its chances for a third season.  Now, word is that 'Necessary Roughness' will indeed receive a third down season, though not quite as generously as its second.  Just how short will 'Necessary Roughness' season 3 be?

Those worried about USA's reticence to decide the fate of Callie Thorne's acclaimed drama 'Necessary Roughness' can rest a little easier today, as Deadline has all-but-confirmed that the the series will indeed play on to a third season .  However, the network will likely order only 10 episodes, reduced from 16 in the second season, and 12 in the first.

The second season will return in January for its final five episodes, though to date it has rarely achieved over 3 million viewers.  That number gets a boost to 4.7 with DVR numbers, though the series isn't seen to be a breakout hit.  At the very least, the show seems to have been spared the fate of 'Fairly Legal,' 'Common Law' and 'Political Animals,' the latter of which was largely intended to be a mini-series anyway.

What say you?  Are you happy to have Dr. Dani Santino back for a third season of 'Necessary Roughness?'  Let us know in the comments!