I knew that one day, the countless hours spent refreshing Val Kilmer’s Facebook page would pay off. While most of the world hunkered down for the sweet slumber of an innocent soul, Kilmer was awake and crushing the social media game. When the people of Earth blinked the sleep out of their eyes this morning, they may have sensed a change in the air. They had no way of knowing, but they had awoken in a world irrevocably changed. Val Kilmer had taken to his personal Facebook page to post a Top Gun 2 status update with ramifications on a scale that we can only describe as tectonic. Feast your eyes:

The news that Skydance would be mounting a sequel to the popular ‘80s action flick Top Gun has been public knowledge since July, but Kilmer just blew the lid off of the project in one fell swoop. It’s no surprise that Kilmer would rejoin the franchise most responsible for his ‘80s superstardom when afforded the opportunity, but the two names he mentions afterward raised eyebrows. Though an announcement from the studio confirming the personnel has yet to arrive, Kilmer went right ahead and outed Francis Ford Coppola (oh, just the man responsible for the Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse NowThe Conversation, and a laundry list of other fine films) as the director slated to take over the project. What’s more, Kilmer seemed to suggest that Coppola would reunite with his frequent collaborator Gene Hackman on the planned Top Gun sequel. In the status post, Kilmer duly pays homage to the late Tony Scott, director of the original film, but when it comes to finding a replacement, they could do a hell of a lot worse than a man with a Palme d’Or on his mantle.

If this all feels too good to be true, that’s because it is. In the comment section below the status, Kilmer explained:

“These were examples of what u say yes to. If your going to do an action picture than u should have the most successful producer in Hollywood history do it. And you should have Tom Cruise in it. Just sayin. They called, and I said yes.” [sic]

So, no Francis Ford Coppola and Gene Hackman. But, at least Iceman will be back. Dammit, Val Kilmer. You can’t get our hopes up like that. See you in Top Gun 2, I guess.

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