At long last, the fragmented approach to The Walking Dead Season 7 is giving way to an actual story, if only in time for this weekend’s midseason finale “Hearts Still Beating.” We’ve seen one clip, but a second look finally brings us back to Carol and Morgan, while yet another sees Aaron and Rick undertaking a risky voyage.

In addition to the robust photoset above. E! Online debuted our first clip with Carol or Morgan since the season’s second episode, “The Well,” albeit tragically lacking in any Ezekiel or Shiva. Nonetheless, it looks like The Kingdom might be ready to start taking things more seriously:

Not only that, but another IGN clip has Aaron and Rick trying to navigate a walker moat with only a bullet-ridden boat, like some kind of undead Zelda side-quest:

Here’s the full synopsis for “Hearts Still Beating”:

Negan’s unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies; things quickly spin out of control.

Rick doesn’t even know that Carl took a trip to the Sanctuary, much less that Negan has returned to Alexandria to play homicidal homemaker with Judith, but can a 90-minute “Hearts Still Beating” cover all the ground Walking Dead Season 7 has skirted so far? Watch the first footage below.

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