Even as The Walking Dead apparently locked down Negan’s victim two years ago, production still went through with its shell game of filming death scenes for each cast member. We saw glimpses of them with Sunday’s premiere, but a new leak reveals what might have been the show’s most horrific choice.

You’re warned of full spoilers from Sunday’s Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, but even as viewers of the series bemoan the horrific violence that befell Negan’s victims Abraham and Glenn, the choice could have been significantly worse. It seems The Walking Dead may have filmed each alternate death scene in full, as a mysterious leak (via ComicBook.com) offers a much more complete take with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) as Negan’s first victim.

The likely answer here is that Abraham was always intended as the first target, as Michael Cudlitz himself claims was decided early in Season 6, though The Walking Dead filmed alternate takes as thoroughly as possible to avoid internal leaks. It isn’t clear who here had enough access to post the Maggie cut, or if alternate takes are perhaps intended for future Blu-ray release, given the completed editing.

The Walking Dead will likely continue answering for Sunday’s kill over the next few months, and we’ll see what producers have to say of the alternate takes.

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