We live in an age of fan-theories, where Westworld twists might be unlocked on Reddit after one episode, though as The Walking Dead proved with #DumpsterGate last year, it isn’t always worth the wait. Some clever fans have observed at least one background detail that might put this past Sunday’s “Service” into perspective, however, and tease Rick’s plan to strike back.

It wasn’t terribly much fun to watch Negan gloating over Rick for 90 minutes, especially in light of current events, and fans of the comic will recall that similar scenes at least ended with Rick acknowledging his people’s intent to lie low against Negan for the time being. That said, a number of viewers couldn’t overlook the prominent placement of a Morse Code alphabet hanging on Alexandria walls, and the fact that Daryl seemed to be blinking at Rick, moreso than speaking (via UPROXX):

It seemed in the moment that Daryl might simply have been too despondent or broken to speak up, but it might make considerably more sense if Alexandria residents planned a contingency for some stealth communication, what with one of them ending up kidnapped every other season. Some have suggested that Daryl was providing directions to the Savior stronghold, but even then, Rick might not be ready to launch another assault just yet.

Credit where its due, the potential accuracy of such a twist wouldn’t necessarily make up for the months of secrecy, but would at least go a long way to showing The Walking Dead’s improvement with hiding things from the audience.

Well, what should we make of it? Is The Walking Dead building up to Rick’s inevitable rebellion, or does Norman Reedus just have really itchy eyes?

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