As season 2 especially proved, very few are safe when it comes to 'The Walking Dead.'  Season 3 will see the survivors come to fear the living as they fight the dead, but death is always just around the corner when you live in a world full of mindless, hungry corpses.  'The Walking Dead' season 2 saw a few expected deaths, and a few complete shocks, and we've learned that season 3 will see at least one series regular bite the dust!  Who's on death's door, and how long do they have?

Though the move should hardly be seen as unexpected, TVLine has revealed in this week's spoilers that at least one series regular of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 will bite the big one over the course of the season, though they of course wouldn't specify who would become "zombie kibble." Further complicating the mystery is that it wouldn't reveal what half of the season would see the character's death.

So who can it be?  Let's consider the possibilities.  As of now, the the only characters with series regular status are that of Rick, Lori and Carl Grimes, Andrea, Daryl, Glenn, and as of season 3, Maggie and newcomers The Governor and Michonne.  While all of them are technically fair game, some seem more likely targets than others.

Rick and Carl would seem the most safe, as both the lead and a child, on whom just about the entire series, TV and comic alike are based.  Lori certainly seems a probable target given fan dislike of the character, as well as what we know of The Governor's ruthlessness.  As for The Governor himself, we do know that Glen Mazarra has theorized the possibility of the show's prison arc extending into a fourth season, though that isn't to say Rick and co. couldn't conquer their new foe before that.  Michonne too seems safe, given fan reverence for the character and the fact that we're only seeing the beginning of her arc.

So who does that leave?  Certainly everyone loves Daryl Dixon, but what if they come to love Michonne more?  And what of the return of Daryl's brother Merle, surely none-too-thrilled to be left behind by the others, even including Daryl?  Could 'The Walking Dead' go the Joss Whedon route and kill everyone's favorite?  Could either of the young lovers, Glenn or Maggie be targets instead?

What about Andrea?  And are the supporting cast (Carol, Hershel, Beth, T-Dog) being thrown to the walkers as well?

What do you think?  Give us your theories on who might die over the course of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments!