This past Sunday’s second entry into The Walking Dead Season 7 swung considerably more positive, to say nothing introducing King Ezekiel’s friggin’ pet tiger into the mix. We’ve known for sometime that Shiva would serve as a combination of animatronics and CGI, but see for yourself in this behind-the-scenes look at Sunday’s “The Well.”

AMC released a new look at the making of Sunday’s latest, which apparently included twins for Carol’s hallucinatory vision of walkers and their human counterparts. Most prevalent of all, however, executive producer Greg Nicotero shows the process behind realizing Shiva onscreen, which apparently includes far less animatronics that reports had us believing.

In any case, we know PETA’s certainly happy about the use of a CG tiger, and the finished effects seem more than lifelike, at least as far as stationary tigers go. One wonders if perhaps Season 7 will be so bold as to use the majestic beast in an action sequence this season, surely stretching the effects to their limit.

It remains to be seen when exactly we’ll check in on Ezekiel or Shiva again, but check out the latest clip from this Sunday’s “The Cell” below, and stay tuned for the latest.

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