'Warm Bodies' has released a new 60-second trailer with a few added laughs and a whole lot of (bloody) heart. Check out the latest trailer for the film, which hits theaters in February!

Yahoo has released a brand new 60-second trailer for 'Warm Bodies,' Jonathan Levine's adaptation based on the novel of the same name. You'll recognize Levine as the writer and director responsible for last year's heartwarming dramedy '50/50,' and now Levine is using his talents to tell the story of a zombie who meets a human girl and falls in love -- proving that zombies may be capable of becoming human again after all.

When a zombie (Nicholas Hoult, 'X-Men: First Class') falls for the girlfriend (Teresa Palmer) of one of his victims, the pair engage in a relationship that could change the landscape of their zombie-ridden world. 'Warm Bodies' also stars John Malkovich and Rob Corddry, and hits theaters on February 1, 2013 -- and it looks like the perfect date night movie.

This new trailer gives us a better look at the blossoming romance between the zombie and his human love interest, and a little extra action -- but they took out the awesome gags with Rob Corddry from the first trailer.

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