Channing Tatum has "the mindset to master the most epic of splits" ... or so he thinks. Messing around on the set of his upcoming '21 Jump Street' sequel, '22 Jump Street,' the star, dressed as his character Jenko, attempted to replicate Jean-Claude Van Damme's now-famous split from the Volvo commercial. So how did he fare?

Short answer, not so well.

Taking the same Enya song played over the original Volvo commercial, Tatum's Jenko straddles two food carts on the set of '22 Jump Street' to achieve stardom -- and, of course, to "demonstrate the stability and precision" of the carts. Too bad his fail was more epic than the stunt.

Tatum is currently filming '22 Jump Street' with his co-stars Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens and Kurt Russell's son, Wyatt, featuring a new undercover mission for the police duo in the heart of a local college. The sequel is slated for release on June 13, 2014.

Watch the Original Volvo Commercial with Van Damme