Do you hear those triumphant Bill Conti trumpets blaring in the distance? It can only mean two things. Either your neighbor is a really big Rocky fan, or Creed III. is now available on streaming.

After a very successful run in theaters, the movie — the third film in the Creed franchise, and the ninth overall in the combined Rocky and Creed sagas — is now available to stream on Prime Video.

Once again, Michael B. Jordan stars as Adonis “Donnie” Creed, the son of the late Apollo Creed and the heavyweight champion of the world. In this installment, which Jordan also directed, Creed is paid a visit from an old friend, Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors), who has just been released from prison after a long jail term. He holds Donnie responsible for his imprisonment — possibly for good reason! — and he comes looking for his old friend hoping for some assistance, and maybe something more.


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Creed III wasn’t as good as the first Creed by Ryan Coogler — which might be the best spinoff ever made — but it was definitely a step up from Creed II. It was also notable for being the first movie in the Rocky and Creed series without an appearance by (and a major creative contribution by) Sylvester Stallone. (Stallone was still credited as a producer on the film, but he made several angry public statements about the series’ main producer and rights holder, Irwin Winkler, during the run-up to Creed III’s release.)

In my review of the film here at ScreenCrush, I wrote...

Credit for that goes not only to Majors and the screenwriters but to Jordan as well, who delivers an extremely poised directorial debut. He’s not as flashy a filmmaker as Ryan Coogler; Creed III’s boxing matches are never quite as visceral or as intricately shot and choreographed as the ones in the first Creed. But he also takes some interesting swings at mixing up the franchise’s tried-and-true elements, like its training montages and climactic title bout, which is far more impressionistic than anything in any other Rocky to date. Like Adonis, Jordan is clearly interested in making his own legacy.

You can watch Creed III on Prime Video at this link.

Rocky References in Creed III

Few franchises are more obsessed with their own past as the Rocky/Creed saga. Here is the proof, from Creed III.

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